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Corporate client

A company or trading entity with a business requirement for international payments or currency exchange.

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Private client

An individual with a personal requirement for international payments or currency exchange.

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Why choose Circadian FX?

Full transparency:

You can always see what rate you are paying versus the existing market (interbank) rate.

No hidden costs:

Benefit from no account opening charge, no adjusted spread and no hidden fees anywhere.

Quick and simple:

Experience an easy to use platform that lets you trade first and pay later. Payments can be delivered worldwide within hours.

What our clients say

“PIA-First was one of Circadian FX’s original clients and I have been so impressed by the quality of their service and professionalism that I have recommended them to several friends, family and businesses that we work with as well.”

Steve O’Hare, PIA-First Limited

“I have done half a dozen transactions with Jim since he established Circadian FX. The spread is transparent and Jim is open to discussion on establishing and maintaining best pricing vs other venues. If you believe you may be paying over the odds on currency transactions with your bank (does anyone still use a bank?) or broker give Jim a call.”

Nick Hocart

“Stort Chemicals has been a Circadian FX client for some time now and we have found their unique combination of large firm structure and small firm service to be a pleasure to work with. With excellent rates and consistent pricing we look forward to working together with them for many years to come.”

Richard Gilkes, Managing Director, Stort Chemicals

“I use Circadian FX to make payments in Euros over to Ireland and have been really happy with the way that they’ve  helped me with everything. Jim very patiently walked me through my first couple of transactions and I now find their platform very easy to use. Of course it also depends on how competitive the rates are and for me they are always the best.”

Ian Bonney